Does Butter Make you Gain Weight?

The notion that butter is responsible for weight gain is a misconception. For centuries, people in different parts of the world have been consuming butter without having issues with weight. It is only in the recent century or so that we are being constantly told to reduce cholesterol, lose weight to get rid of obesity and diabetes. It has been constantly drilled into our ears that consuming butter / cream / margarine / cheese / whole milk is unhealthy and will make you gain weight but this is not entirely true. You don't automatically gain weight by consuming some foods having fats. It's the total calorie intake that counts in the end. But since fats have more calories than protein and carbohydrates, your overall calorie intake will shoot up fast if you consume foods that are high in fats in excess. Moderation is always key. And if you burn more calories than you consume daily, you will never get fat even if you eat butter and other fatty foods.

But it's important to admit that the dairy products made in the past were more healthy although most of us are led to believe that what people have consumed for thousands of years is unhealthy and can damage your health. If that was indeed true, then consider this. The recent century or so has witnessed an abnormal increase in the occurrence of obesity / heart disease / diabetes and other health problems. In fact, today you have a situation where one out of every four people suffer from diabetes and one out every five people carry the risk of a heart disease. During that same period we have seen an increase in the production of factory processed foods. That was not the case in the past where people were eating the high fat butter, drinking whole milk etc... without any health and weight gain issues. People were more healthy. The major reason is everything was more natural and organic. Nowadays it's not. Remember the mad cow disease. Long ago, cows only fed on grass and it's not healthy to feed cows with cattle carcasses. Also, there is hormone injection in cows. Of course the by-products like milk, cheese and butter deriving from these animals won't be healthy. In the past, people were not abusing foods like today where life is hectic and people overindulge in foods to please their taste buds and to relieve their stress. No wonder obesity and other diseases have hit their all-time high.

Having some fat is important for our bodies but in excess is always bad. To put in simple words, the body requires fat as it maximizes the vitamin and nutrient absorption in the body. Without any fat content your body will not be able to digest the food properly which can cause weight gain. In fact, fat is the best source of defense that helps in the protection of our immune system. So saying butter makes you gain weight is simply an unfounded statement.

In fact traditional sources of food are the best sources of good fat. This refers to the fat derived from organically raised animals. This fat is a rich source for nutrients and omega - 3 fats and helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. Likewise, olive oil that is processed without heat and chemicals contains polyphenol which helps in the prevention of cancer and heart diseases. Even coconut oil is excellent for baking and contains lauric acid and helps in weight loss. Now, coming to butter / cream or milk - when derived from cows that feed on grass are very rich in nutrients and vitamins and also Omega 3 fat.

Finally, diets like butter, coconut oil, etc have suffered bad publicity in the hands of paid experts for many years now. However, this trend is now changing as people are waking up to the reality of processed foods.

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