Does pasta make you fat?

Italian food continues to lure people all across the world, thanks to the rich ingredients and taste. However, in the recent past, people have become more health conscious and the pasta is one such food that is in debate. It is a hot favorite amongst all the Italian dishes. Let us now look at certain facts about pasta which will answer the question.

What is pasta made of?

The pasta which is generally available in any stores is made of semolina flour, which is a form of refined grain. It consists of carbohydrates which contain four calories in a gram. The preparation of pasta is done by boiling in water which is a healthy way of cooking. It is a known fact that eating anything in limits is good. When consumed in high quantities, pasta can prove to be a cause for obesity.

Pasta sauce

Pasta is served with a number of sauces. Some of these are very rich in fats. The Alfredo sauce, which is the least liked choice, contains milk, cream and cheese. The high levels of sodium make water to be retained in the body. These substances can prove to be very harmful to the heart and even lead to weight gain.

For people who wish to stay lean inspite of eating pasta, the Marinara sauce is the best option. It is made of tomatoes, onion, garlic and peppers and is healthy for the body. To make sure it does not affect the body, the sugar levels in the sauce have to be reduced drastically before having the same.

Let us now see why pasta is not good if one wishes to lose weight:

· Pasta is made of refined wheat. Therefore, it cannot be digested easily and hence, the metabolism rate is decreased. This results in weight gain because the fat gets stored in the body.

· The carbohydrate present in pasta is CHO which contains starch. This is a source for calories and leads to weight gain.

· It has a higher glycemic index, thus increasing the sugar content in the blood. This makes the fat to be stored inside the body.

· It is less in fiber and hence, people tend to overeat. One, who is very active in physical activities like sportsmen, can afford to consume pasta. However, it is not good for someone who wishes to maintain a healthy body.

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