The Magic Of Eating Every 3 Hours To Lose Weight

The new-age mantra to weight loss is eating and eating right. Yes, you do not need to deprive your body from nutrition to cut the flab. Just eat sensibly and eat well. Experts feel that eating every 3 hours to lose weight is a fabulous idea which gives you good results within a very short time. The mistake that most of us make while dieting is that we follow the principle of fasting and feasting. We starve for hours at a stretch and then when we eat, we just go overboard. This is not recommended if you really want to lose weight, as the body when following this eating pattern, develops a tendency to store food as fat in the tissues. Be smart enough to eat multiple times but eat the right food and in the right amount - this is the most effective key to reach your aspirations of a long-term and effective weight loss goal.

The sheer thought of eating every 3 hours to lose weight can make you feel restless, the most common concern being not being able to keep it up throughout the day. But here lies a problem. Our body differs with us in opinion in this area since it does not understand that we have meetings, conferences, housework and deadlines to follow. It wants its fuel to be filled in and keeps on secreting hydrochloric acid. This makes us hungry and more often than not, we curb this by drinking a cup of coffee or popping a chewing gum into the mouth. What dieticians recommend is that you give it real food instead, let the metabolism work on it and your body will burn calories with pace to give you a leaner and trimmer self.

Make a chart of eating every 3 hours to lose weight and stick it on the fridge. Try not to eat carbohydrates after 6 p.m. Your food platter must contain healthy foods like whole wheat bread/brown rice, fruits, snack items not exceeding 50-100 calories, nuts, seeds, vegetables and lean meat. Sizing your portions is very important to promote and maintain weight loss. Experts say that this pattern of eating stabilizes the level of blood sugar, reduces hunger pangs, keeps the metabolism ticking and boosts up energy.

It is important to remember that the 3 hourly diet must include food from all food groups and must be planned in the right way to deliver permanent results.

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