How To Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

Washboard abs are a thing of beauty when seen on a male or female model in a magazine. It is hard to envision all the exercise that is required to get those results, but many people take the challenge to get rock hard abs and learn how to get rid of love handles fast. From products like P90x to fad diets like the grapefruit diet, the main goal is to lose body fat so muscle can be used to burn fat as well as be seen in the form of washboard abs, pecs, and killer thighs. Generation X is one of the populations of youths that incorporated tight abdominals into its culture, particularly the hip hop scene.

In the hip hop world the open midriff became an indistinguishable look for its artists mainly names such as LL Cool J and Marky Mark, also known as Mark Wahlberg the actor in later years. These two men took pride in their shredded abs and even were models for major magazines glorifying their symbols of health and vitality. Marky Mark was well known for his underwear ads done by Calvin Klein where he showcased boxer briefs as well as his abs. LL Cool J (AKA as Todd Smith) is a veteran rapper from the 1980s that is well known by his physique. In 2006, he made a move to prove he was still fit as a fiddle and authored a book called The Platinum Workout showcasing his 40+ old abs of steel minus any love handles which customarily come with age. Later in the decades, individuals like the R&B songstress Aaliyah and pop singer Brittney Spears proved that the ladies could get in on the midriff action with sleek sexy abs as well to tantalize the fans. Baggy jeans and midriff tops, or short skirts and thigh highs were the look of the era focusing all on the abs, any good parent's nightmare.

Generation X was in hot pursuit in learning how to get rid of love handles fast with its emphasis on keeping fit and portraying an image similar to their idols. Fitness through dance, exercise, and physical activity were still a part of this generations focus. Somewhere after this generation, the focus on fitness and long term health began to wane and as with any fad, times change.

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