Is salmon good for weight loss?

Salmon is often considered a delicacy reserved for special occasions, especially in the form of smoked salmon. However, only a few people are aware of the benefits of including salmon in their diet more often and on a regular basis. It is a fact that salmon is also an energy powerhouse, apart from being high in nutrition and protein content, which makes it an ideal diet inclusion, especially during a weight loss program, in spite of the high fat content.

The best weight-loss friendly feature that one can find in salmon-rich diet is its high omega- 3 content, which is perhaps the greatest benefit one can avail from it. It is a myth that a weight loss plan diet should be totally free of fat content, as certain amount of fats are required for the brain to function normally, and for the body to be healthy and fit. Omega- 3 fats are considered to be healthy fats, which aid in lowering the high blood pressure and LDL or bad cholesterol content in the arteries, thus preventing them from getting blocked, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Research says that omega- 3 helps in reducing the insulin resistance of the body, which serves to regulate the blood sugar, thus putting a stop to one's cravings and unhealthy eating habits to a large extent. Also, the Vitamin D content present abundantly in salmon is another reason for its effectiveness for weight loss in a sustainable and healthy manner. It is a known fact that most adults suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin D in their diet, which results in reduced muscle strength and joint pains. Inclusion of salmon in regular diet ensures strengthened muscles, and keeps diseases like arthritis, cancer etc. at bay. Additionally, vitamin D helps in selective burning of calories - it serves to burn the unwanted fat tissues, while preserving the muscle tissues which are more useful.

Thus, it is evident that a salmon rich diet acts as a powerful weight loss weapon, owing to its good fat content, and the goodness of omega- 3. What is more, it is not difficult to include it in different meal options, as one can manage to give it a different taste by changing the ingredients and the cooking methods. Be it a Mediterranean diet or a salad diet, salmon can be included easily to help one shake off those unwanted calories in a safer and natural manner.

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