Are Obese Men More Likely To Get Prostate Cancer?

According to yearly statistics, obesity is soaring at staggering rates around the globe which is raising growing concern in the medical world. No wonder, many people are leading a sedentary lifestyle coupled with bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Obesity can cause a series of health problems and one of the most common afflictions is prostate cancer in obese men. Obese men have excess body fat and the latter can provoke hormonal imbalance and if you didn't know, most cancers are hormone related including prostate cancer. A good thing to know also is that cancer-causing toxins tend to build up in body fat, so the more body fat you have, the more of these toxins are going to accumulate in your body.

It's been proven that a diet high in fat and unhealthy calories can increase prostate cancer risk in obese men. At some point, there have been conclusive findings that even fish oil which is considered a healthy fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids can trigger prostate cancer if consumed excessively, so there is definitely a correlation between fat and prostate cancer. Moderation is always key in nutrition and this is why nutritionists always advise a well-balanced diet. Some of the foods obese men need to cut back or limit from their diet to decrease the likelihood of getting prostate cancer are:

Red meat - If you are a big fan of fatty steaks and burgers, it's time to eat in moderation. Generally, red meat are higher in fat than other protein alternatives like fish, turkey and chicken and a diet high in fat can make you more prone to prostate cancer. A good red meat alternative is buffalo or bison which is very lean. Steaks and burgers by themselves are not unhealthy, it really depends what percentage of fat you have in. If you really have to eat red meat from time to time, go for the leaner ones.

Cheese - Cheese is good to get calcium and protein but eating too much of this good thing can become a bad thing. Most cheeses are high in fat and too much fat will not prevent prostate cancer. A great cheese alternative is cottage cheese and although it's not tasty as the fattier cheeses, it's very healthy and loaded with lean protein.

Processed meats - Deli meats, hotdogs, ham, sausage, bacon and other cured meats are not healthy. These foods are loaded with nitrites and nitrates which can boost your risk of contracting prostate cancer. If you like eating these on a regular basis, you've been warned.

Apart the food themselves, the way you cook them is also crucial to prevent prostate cancer.

Deep-fried foods - If you're a French fries addict, it's time to go easy on them. Deep-frying triggers cancer-causing compounds to form on the food like acrylamide in French fries. The worst part of deep-frying is to use the same oil over and over again as this definitely makes these cancer-causing compounds more susceptible to form on your food. Too many deep-fried foods in your diet increase your risk of prostate cancer. Opt for baking instead as a healthier alternative.

BBQ meats - Regular barbecuing is also nefarious as it can cause prostate cancer. High-temperature cooked meats in open flames cause carcinogens notably heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to form on the food. These are cancer-causing compounds. This is why it's always a bad idea to eat the black and burnt parts of the meat. According to some, using a great marinade and keeping the meat away from direct flames can help protect the meat from these compounds.

To conclude, it's imperative to partake in a regular exercise activity to start shedding these excess body fat which can jeopardize your health and life. As far as nutrition is concerned, eat more wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables as these are loaded with powerful antioxidants which can definitely prevent prostate cancer and other types of cancers too.

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