What Can You Eat On The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has been around for a number of years and has gone through some revisions. The basic rules are still the same. It is a four-part diet. A question that is frequently asked by newbies on the diet plan is what can you eat on the Atkins diet? The first phase you have a very low carbohydrate intake of 20 grams net carbs. This is very low. It is about 2 cups of nonstarchy vegetables. The next phase would start to slowly add in more vegetables and a few fruits to the meat choices from the previous section. The third phase would slowly increase the carbohydrates. The fourth phase is more of a balanced diet but restricting refined carbohydrates.

What is generally recognized as a healthier way to approach the Atkins diet is to make sure you are using sources of unsaturated fats i.e. plant based fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, and vegetable margarines. You actually can do this diet in a fairly healthy way. A lot of folks cannot tolerate phase 1 of the diet and skip to start in phase 2 or phase 3. It can be a fairly healthy diet as long as you are choosing unsaturated sources of fats.

The fundamental thing to remember when doing the Atkins diet is this; when eating fats, choose the healthiest versions of fats like nuts, seeds, and avocado. It makes the program healthier than its original version. Popular foods on the Atkins plan also include scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and salad fixings. These would be some food choices to remember when planning your menu for the week.

An example of a recipe using the Atkins diet would be this asparagus recipe. Using some raw chopped ginger, sauté the ginger in a pan with olive and sesame oil until fragrant. Next, add some finely chopped asparagus pieces to the ginger and cook until slightly crispy. This veggie can be served alone or with fish, chicken or beef. If you are feeling like a chef, then add the meat together with the asparagus to create a healthy stir fry.

This recipe is just a taste of what kind of recipes can be put together using the Atkins diet. If you are at a standstill on what you can eat on the Atkins Diet, , then go online and look up Atkins meals and there you will find thousands of people just like you who post recipes and tutorials concerning meals they have created themselves that are compatible with the Atkins plan.

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